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Wood Look Porcelain Tile

Today, increasingly severe air pollution and decreasing forest coverage rate awaken people’s environmental awareness. At the same time, people become closer and closer to nature. This is why KITO wood look porcelain tile comes in handy. As early as 2011, KITO developed wood grain tile by means of state-of-the-art ink-jet technology, perfectly solving poor performance of wooden floor in moisture, abrasion and corrosion resistance.

Stone Look Porcelain Tile

Stone look pattern is a popular look for porcelain tiles, as rock stone in nature becomes less and less. Our stone look porcelain tile made by 3D printing technology has a good imitation effect of the stone patterns. We have size options including 1200×600mm, 1200×200mm, 1200×300mm, 900×900mm, 600×600mm, and 300×300mm. These eco-friendly porcelain tiles can be used as wall and floor tiles for indoor and outdoor applications.

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