Stone Look Porcelain Tile

Stone look pattern is a popular look for porcelain tiles, as rock stone in the nature becomes less and less. Our stone look porcelain tile made by 3D printing technology has good imitation effect of the stone patterns. We have the size options including 1200×600mm, 1200×200mm, 1200×300mm, 900×900mm, 600×600mm and 300×300mm. These eco-friendly porcelain tiles can be used as wall and floor tiles for indoor and outdoor applications.

Evanka Series Porcelain Tile

Elegant color, pattern and texture. Like naturally stepped cement, the matte surface grants even light reflection. It creates a classic aesthetic with vintage accessories. 3D printing technology is applied, which offers a natural and vivid display of real aged cement.

Imported cement pigment from Italy with 3 elegant cement colors (gentle light yellow, graceful light grey, and vintage middle grey). These are popular Giorgio Morandi Colors. KITO’s Evanka series of tiles feature precisely processed matte surface textures that feel just like real cement. A special glaze by 3R is applied, which offers multiple functions.

Various sketch style patterns are available. We can provide tiles with flowers, clouds, cloth textures, geometric figures, and much more.

Ales Series Glazed Porcelain Tile

Due to innovative brushing and polishing technique, the Ales Series glazed porcelain tile comes with better smoothness and fineness for its surface. It is available with high breaking strength and wearing resistance as well, which makes it a popular selection of interior wall tiles and interior and exterior floor tiles.

The fine dry granules for the tile surface fabrication are imported from Italy. This, coupled with our latest powder-spreading technique, makes sure all our glazed porcelain tiles have fine and smooth surface texture and natural color transition. The glazed tile also has great performance in anti-slipping and anti-fouling, and thus is widely used as kitchen wall tile, bathroom wall tile, and bathroom floor tile.

Trani Series Porcelain Tile

The sandstone texture and the silky touch gives the Trani series glazed porcelain tile extraordinary charm with which can make your living space more graceful.
This porcelain tile is available in five colors and three specifications including 120x60x1cm, 60x60x1cm, 60x60x2cm. The graceful and extremely simple look let it meet various floor and wall style well.
This cement look porcelain tile is designed by Italian designer in KITO. It is a type of full-body porcelain with a protective coating of fine and dry particles which makes it more real and closer to nature.
Trani series glazed porcelain tile is widely used for both indoors and outdoors, especially ideal for outer wall due to its 2cm thickness.

Cassero Series Glazed Porcelain Tile

The Cassero Series Glazed Porcelain Tile is admired for its glossy beauty and durability. Imported fine dry granules from Italy, together with KITO latest powder-spreading technique, provide the decorative tile with fine and smooth surface.

Also, this range of wall and floor tile features natural color transition as well as great anti-slipping, anti-fouling and anti-wearing performances. It is suitable for all kinds of space and can bring you peace of mind.

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